Hooray To The Silent

In Flux

In Flux

Some managers tend to pay a lot of attention to loud people. I mean extroverted, vehement people who signal that they need to talk “now”. Or want attention, in some cases. Or have major impediments. Also, when things go wrong, managers become particularly alert and concentrate on solving the issues. I believe it’s either expected from them (that’s at least what some of them think), or they instinctively turn their heads towards the brouhaha. There is nothing wrong with alertness, except that it is a very reactive mode to be in. However, I just don’t like being reactive, but that’s personal.

The problem of being in the thick of that noise is that you cannot hear the silence.

It’s about time to thank those who remain calm even when literally everything around them is in flux. Thank you, all you developers, testers, business analysts, product owners, scrum masters, system managers etc. out there for continuously delivering working software to your customers. Thank you for your ability to focus on what you can contribute to make the ongoing changes in your various organizations successful. Thank you for supporting your team members and leaders. Thank you for giving valuable feedback in real-time. Thank you for proving every single day that we can rely on you. Thank you for every small step you take to becoming more agile. Thank you for your ongoing engagement even when you are not in the searchlight. Without you, there would be far more problems in every transformation.

Usually, it is the noisy who we look after. But it is the silent who deserve our gratitude.

2 responses to “Hooray To The Silent

  1. Your are absolutly right and you know that you are in big, big troubles at the moment, the silent are speaking up. Than it’s too late in most cases.

    Scream and crying out loud is something we all are used to as we learned this behavior from the age of 0 to about 15. The loudest kid will always draw the parential attention and the silent one?

    Is it than a valid concusion to say: the loud ones do get the attention, the silent one are the hidden bombs? Maybe – “His bark is worse than his bite.”


    • Hi J.R.,

      thanks for your question. Personally, I don’t think that the silent ones are hidden bombs. I believe they are focusing on what they can do best, and that is totally OK.

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