“Doing Scrum” Is Easy. Becoming Agile Is Not.

Scrum coaches know lots of examples where the performance of software delivery teams increased significantly after a couple of sprints. I have never bought that and still don’t. Hard work on both team and management level needs to be done over and over again to unleash the power of Agile. It takes time, and it requires ongoing dedication and not so few sacrifices. A particular focus must be put on fostering a culture in which change is seen as a natural ingredient rather than an occasional threat.

If you don’t agree, stop reading here.

I am an Agile Manager living in Austria. Contributing to changing my environment into a smarter place energizes me. This blog is written from a leaders perspective, and I share my personal views, experiences, and opinions.

I have been in touch with IT for more than 30 years now, starting as a programmer kid. I hold master degrees in IT and economics and have gathered more than 15 years experience in several roles including entrepreneur, consultant, manager, and CIO. My current focus is on Agile Leadership.

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